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Removing red-eye

You can remove the red-eye effect from the eyes of subjects in photos. Red-eye occurs when light from a flash reflects off the back of a person’s eye.

Photo Paint ret redeye Removing red eye

You can remove red-eye from photos.

To remove red-eye

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Removing red eye
In the toolbox, click the Red-eye removal tool Photo Paint pgx redeye removal tool Removing red eye.
Type a value in the Size box to match the brush size to the eye.
Click the eye to remove the red pixels.

You can also
Change the tolerance level
On the property bar, choose a value in the Tolerance box.
Change the brush shape
On the property bar, choose a brush shape from the Nib shape picker.

Photo Paint note Removing red eye

The default Tolerance value corrects red-eye in most photos; however, if it is difficult to isolate the eye area, and a subject has red tones in their face, you may want to decrease the Tolerance value to differentiate the red in the eye from the skin tone.
You can use the Red-eye removal tool on images in the Paletted, Lab, RGB, and CMYK color modes.

Photo Paint tip Removing red eye

You can quickly zoom to the eye area by clicking the Zoom tool Photo Paint pgx zoom tool Removing red eye in the toolbox, and dragging in the image window to enclose the eye area in the zooming rectangle.
You can adjust the brush size interactively by holding down Shift while dragging in the image window.

Removing red-eye