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Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format designed to preserve fonts, images, graphics, and formatting of an original file. Using Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Exchange, a PDF file can be viewed, shared, and printed by Mac OS, Windows, and UNIX users.

You can save a file in the PDF format. For more information, see “Publishing to PDF.”

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) technical notes

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Publishing a PDF file
Color channels created in Corel PHOTO-PAINT are preserved.
Transparency applied to text and graphics is preserved.
Character attributes of text, including superscript and subscript, are preserved.
DeviceN color spaces may be converted to RGB or CMYK processed colors in the imported file, depending on the file content.
Layers are preserved in files created with Adobe Acrobat 6 and later.
Xform objects are converted to symbols.
Symbols are preserved when PDF files created with version 1.3 or later undergo round-tripping.
Pattern and texture fills are preserved.
Most mesh fills created in Adobe Illustrator are preserved.

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)