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Kodak Photo CD Image (PCD)

Kodak Photo CD image file is a raster format developed by Eastman Kodak for scanning photographic images onto compact discs. PCD images are derived from 35-mm film negatives or slides that have been converted to digital format and stored on a CD. Photo CD allows high-quality digital storage and manipulation of photographic images. The PCD format is typically used by photofinishers and service bureaus who provide the service of placing photographs on CDs.

To import a Kodak Photo CD image file

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Kodak Photo CD Image (PCD)
Click File Photo Paint onestep Kodak Photo CD Image (PCD) Import.
Choose the folder in which the file is stored.
Do one of the following:
(Windows Vista) Choose PCD – Kodak Photo-CD image (*.pcd) from the list box next to the File name box.
(Windows XP) Choose PCD – Kodak Photo-CD image from the Files of type list box.
Click the filename.
Click Import.
In the PCD import dialog box, move any of the following sliders:
Brightness — lets you set the amount of light
Contrast — lets you specify the contrast between the pixels in the image
Saturation — lets you specify the purity of a color
Red — lets you specify the amount of red in the image
Green — lets you specify the amount of green in the image
Blue — lets you specify the amount of blue in the image
From the Resolutions list box, choose an image size.
From the Image type list box, choose a color mode.
Position the import placement start cursor in the image window, and click.

You can also
Resample a graphic while importing
Crop a graphic while importing
For more information, see “To crop an image while importing.”

Photo Paint tip Kodak Photo CD Image (PCD)

You can remove the adjustments made by the photofinisher at the time the original image was scanned and placed on the Photo CD disk by enabling the Subtract scene balance check box.
You can identify out-of-gamut areas of the image by enabling the Show colors out of gamut check box, which renders the out-of-gamut pixels in pure red or pure blue.

Kodak Photo CD Image (PCD) technical notes

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Kodak Photo CD (PCD) images may be subject to copyright. The Corel program does not display a warning message about this.
Other Kodak-compatible programs may install the Kodak pcdlib.dll file in the Windows folder instead of the WindowsSystem folder. This difference in the folder location produces an error message.
When you import Photo CD files, a dialog box appears and prompts you to choose the desired file resolution and color. The resolution is limited to 72 dpi and the maximum image size is 3072 × 2048 pixels.
You can import the following color modes: RGB (24-bit), paletted (8-bit), and grayscale (8-bit).

Kodak Photo CD Image (PCD)