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The Macintosh PICT file format was developed for the Mac OS platform by Apple Computer Inc. It is a native file format of QuickDraw and can contain both vectors and bitmaps. The Macintosh PICT file format is widely used in Macintosh applications.

To import a PICT file

Photo Paint btnbacktotop PICT (PCT)
Click File Photo Paint onestep PICT (PCT) Import.
The File Photo Paint onestep PICT (PCT) Import command lets you place the file as an object in the active image. If you want to open a PICT file as an image, click File Photo Paint onestep PICT (PCT) Open.
Locate the folder in which the file is stored.
Do one of the following:
(Windows Vista) Choose PCT – Macintosh PICT (*.pct; *.pict) from the list box next to the File name box.
(Windows XP) Choose PCT – Macintosh PICT from the Files of type list box.
Click the filename.
Click Import.
Click the image window.
In the Convert to bitmap dialog box, adjust the width, height, resolution, color mode, or any of the other settings.

PICT (PCT) technical notes

Photo Paint btnbacktotop PICT (PCT)
Corel graphics programs can import vector drawings and bitmaps contained in PICT (PCT) files.
Objects that contain a fill and an outline open as a group of two objects. One object is the outline, and the other is the fill.
PICT fills are often bitmap patterns, and the Corel program tries to maintain these fills as bitmap patterns.
Pattern outlines are converted to a solid color.
Text in PICT files opens as editable text. If a typeface in the imported file is not available on your computer, it is converted to the font that it most closely resembles.
Text alignment may not be preserved in the original file. This is due to the differences in font size, and intercharacter and interword spacing between the two formats. Any misalignment is easily corrected using the text formatting settings in the program.