Exploring the application window

The Corel PHOTO-PAINT application window contains elements that help you access the tools and commands you need to view and edit images. Application commands are accessible through the menu bar, toolbox, property bar, toolbars, or dockers.

The application window appears below.

Photo Paint workspace p28 Exploring the application window

Circled numbers correspond to the numbers in the following table, which describes the main components of the application window.

1. Toolbox
A bar that contains tools for editing, creating, and viewing images. The toolbox also contains the color control area which lets you select colors and fills.
2. Title bar
The area on the image window displaying the title of the image
3. Property bar
A detachable bar containing commands that change according to the active tool
4. Menu bar
The area containing drop-down menus with commands grouped by category
5. Toolbar (standard)
A bar that contains shortcuts to some menus and other basic commands, such as opening, saving, and printing
6. Image window
The area in which the image displays. Although more than one image window can be open at the same time, you can apply commands to the active image window only.
7. Status bar
An area that displays image information, system information, and tips
8. Navigator
A button that lets you view a thumbnail of the entire image so you can focus the image window on a specific area. The Navigator is only available if you have areas that exceed the image window.
9. Docker
A window that provides access to additional commands and image information. Some dockers provide a visual display area. The Hints and Objects dockers are displayed by default.
10. Color palette
A dockable bar that contains color swatches

You can customize many of the elements in the application window to suit your workflow. For information about customizing Corel PHOTO-PAINT, see “Customizing Corel PHOTO-PAINT.”

Exploring the application window