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By default, images are displayed at 100% magnification; however, you can zoom in to get a closer look at image detail or zoom out to view a larger portion of the image. You can also specify the magnification level at which images open.

To zoom

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Zooming
In the toolbox, click the Zoom tool Photo Paint pgx zoom tool Zooming.

Do the following
Zoom in
Click the image where you want to magnify it.
Zoom in to a specific area
Drag across the area you want to magnify.
Zoom out
Right-click in the image window.
Switch between the current and previous zoom levels
Click the Zoom to previous button Photo Paint pgx zoom previous Zooming on the property bar.
Zoom in or out by a preset level
Choose a magnification level from the Zoom list box on the property bar.

Photo Paint tip Zooming

You can also zoom in to or out from the image using a mouse wheel.

To set the magnification level at which images are opened

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Zooming
Click Tools Photo Paint onestep Zooming Options.
In the Workspace list of categories, click General.
Choose a magnification level from the Opening zoom list box.

Photo Paint note Zooming

The magnification level that you choose is used the next time you open an image.