Using customized training and integration resources

Corel Corporation has training partnerships with other firms and provides professional services for its software products.

Corel customized training

Corel Training Specialists can provide you with customized training, tailored to your work environment, to help you get the most out of the Corel software that you’ve installed. These experts will help you develop a curriculum that is practical and relevant to the needs of your organization. For more information, please visit

Corel Training Partners

A Corel Training Partner (CTP) is an independent, officially accredited local organization that provides training for Corel products. CTPs are located worldwide for your convenience. To find a partner near you, please visit

Corel Professional Services

Corel Corporation is committed to providing workflow solutions that save you both time and money. To simplify the process of deploying Corel applications across your organization, Corel Professional Services offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions to meet your technology needs. This group brings together highly skilled experts from across the company who are dedicated to finding top-notch solutions. You’ll receive assistance from this knowledgeable team through all stages of your project, from application development and support to software systems integration and training.

For more information, you can visit the Corel Professional Services Web site visit at

Corel Technology Partners

Corel Technology Partners are businesses that embed Corel technology in their products, develop plug-in applications for Corel software, or integrate standalone applications into Corel technology solutions. This comprehensive program is designed especially for developers and consultants. It includes all the necessary components to successfully design, develop, test, and market custom solutions related to Corel products.

For more information about Corel Technology Partners, please e-mail Corel Corporation at

Using customized training and integration resources