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Using Hints

Hints provide information about tools in the toolbox from within the application. When you click a tool, a hint appears, telling you how to use the tool. If you need additional information about a tool, you can access a relevant Help topic by clicking the Help button in the upper-right corner of the Hints docker.

Hints are displayed by default in the Hints docker on the right side of the program window, but you can hide them when you no longer need them. For information about working with dockers, see “Dockers.”

Photo Paint loc hints paint Using Hints

Hints docker

To use Hints

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Using Hints

Do the following
Display or hide Hints
Click Help Photo Paint onestep Using Hints Hints.

When the Hints command is enabled, the Hints docker appears and provides information about the active tool in the toolbox.
Display information about a tool
Click the tool, or perform an action with a tool that is already active.
Get additional information about the active tool
Click the Help button Photo Paint pgx help hint button Using Hints in the upper-right corner of the Hints docker.
Navigate to previously viewed topics
Click the Back and Forward buttons at the bottom of the Hints docker.

Using Hints