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Increasing memory

You can increase the amount of system memory available by using swap disks. When you perform an action that requires more RAM than is available on your computer, unused image information can be temporarily stored on the hard disk. If you have two hard disks, or two partitions, you can set up both a primary and a secondary swap disk.

Although swap disks let you artificially increase the amount of memory available on your computer, swapping image information to hard disks requires more processing time than when it is sent to your computer’s RAM.

To increase the amount of available memory

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Increasing memory
Click Tools Photo Paint onestep Increasing memory Options.
In the Workspace list of categories, click Memory.
Choose the primary hard disk to use as swap disk space from the Primary list box.
Choose the secondary hard disk to use as swap disk space from the Secondary list box.
Click OK.
Restart Corel PHOTO-PAINT to apply the changes.

Photo Paint note Increasing memory

Primary and secondary swap disk space is allocated to the user’s temp folder by default. You can change the swap disk space folder only if you have system privileges.
You should set the total amount of swap disk space to three to five times larger than the size of your uncompressed images. For information on finding the size of the active image, see “Displaying images and image information.”

Photo Paint tip Increasing memory

You can display the amount of swap disk space on the status bar by clicking the arrow on the status bar and clicking Memory.

Increasing memory