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Changing object properties

You can rename an object and change its properties. When you create an object, it is given a default name, such as Object 2. If you have not specified settings, the default settings are applied to the object. In some programs, object properties are also known as layer options.

You can change the opacity of an object, choose a merge mode, and modify the way an object blends with underlying objects or with the background image. For more information about merge modes, see “Understanding merge modes.”

By changing object properties, you can also turn an object into a clickable area of an image map for the World Wide Web. For more information, see “Creating image maps.”

To change the properties of an object

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Changing object properties
In the toolbox, click the Object pick tool Photo Paint pgx pick tool Changing object properties.
Select an object in the image window.
Right-click an object, and choose Object properties.
Click the General tab.
Type a new name in the Name box.

You can also
Change the opacity of an object
Move the Opacity slider.
Choose a merge mode
Choose a merge mode from the Merge mode list box.
Change the way an object blends with underlying objects or with the background
Modify settings in the Blend area.

Photo Paint note Changing object properties

An object’s name cannot be more than 39 characters long.

Photo Paint tip Changing object properties

You can also rename an object by double-clicking its name in the Objects docker.

Changing object properties