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Applying Bevel effects

Bevel effects let you create the appearance of a raised surface by applying a sloped edge along an editable area. For example, you can use bevel effects to add depth to text or create 3D buttons for the Web. You can change the angle, direction and color of the lighting, as well as apply a texture along the beveled edge. You can use a preset style or customize a preset style and save it in the preset list.

To apply a bevel

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Applying Bevel effects
Select an editable area.
Click Effects Photo Paint onestep Applying Bevel effects 3D Effects Photo Paint onestep Applying Bevel effects Bevel effect.
Click the Bevel tab, and adjust the following sliders:
Width lets you specify the width of the bevel in pixels
Height lets you specify the depth of the bevel. The height and width settings determine the angle of the bevel.
Smoothness lets you specify the roundness of the beveled edge. Higher values produce rounder edges.
Click the Lighting tab, and specify the settings you want.

You can also
Change the color of the light
Open the Color picker, and click a color.
Apply a texture to the beveled edge
Open the Texture picker, and click a texture.
Apply lighting and texture settings to the area inside the bevel
Disable the Preserve interior check box.

Applying Bevel effects