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Applying color and tone effects

You can transform the color and tone of an image to produce a special effect. For example, you can create an image that looks like a photographic negative or flatten the appearance of an image.

To apply color and tone effects

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Applying color and tone effects
Click Image Photo Paint onestep Applying color and tone effects Transform, and click one of the following effects:
Invert — lets you reverse the colors of an image. Inverting an image creates the appearance of a photographic negative.
Posterize — lets you reduce the number of tonal values in an image to remove gradations and create larger areas of flat color
Threshold — lets you specify a brightness value as a threshold. Pixels with a brightness value higher or lower than the threshold will display in white or black, depending on the threshold option you specify.
If a dialog box displays, adjust the effect settings.

Photo Paint note Applying color and tone effects

The Deinterlace effect is a transformation effect that lets you remove lines from images. For information about the Deinterlace effect, see “Improving scanned images.”

Applying color and tone effects