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Printing colors accurately

To reproduce colors accurately, you can apply an International Color Consortium (ICC) color profile.

Using color management also helps you ensure accurate color reproduction. You can output color bitmaps as CMYK, RGB, or grayscale. For information on selecting printing device color profiles, see “Managing color for display, input, and output.”

To apply an ICC color profile

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Click File Photo Paint onestep Printing colors accurately Print.
Click the Misc tab.
Enable the Apply ICC profile check box.

Photo Paint note Printing colors accurately

Applying an ICC color profile on the Misc page will use the settings that you specified for separations printer profiles in the Color management dialog box, when printing separations, and it will use the composite printer profiles when printing composites. For information about applying an ICC color profile in the Color management dialog box, see “To choose a color profile.”

Printing colors accurately