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Identifying fonts

You can easily identify a font in the text portion of a Web page or a graphic design. Corel PHOTO-PAINT lets you capture a sample of the font and automatically upload it to www.whatthefont.com for identification.

To identify a font

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Identifying fonts
Click Object Photo Paint onestep Identifying fonts Text Photo Paint onestep Identifying fonts WhatTheFont?!
Drag the cursor to create a marquee around the font that you want to identify.
Click inside the capture area, or press Enter to complete the capture.
If you want to cancel, press Esc.
On the WhatTheFont?! Web site, the font you captured is displayed.
Follow the directions on the WhatTheFont?! Web site to complete the font identification.

Photo Paint note Identifying fonts

The ideal letter height for the best search result is about 100 pixels. Capture only uppercase or lowercase letters, not numbers or special characters. Ensure that the captured text is horizontal and that the letters do not touch.
If you want to capture text that is not in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the application from which you capture the font must be visible on-screen.

Identifying fonts