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Creating image maps

An image map is a single graphic with clickable areas, or hotspots, that link to Web pages. A hotspot is defined using co-ordinates on an image, and an URL is assigned to each defined area.

If you want to add rollovers to an image, or to assign different file formats or compression rates to parts of an image, you can slice it instead of creating an image map. For information about creating sliced images, see “Slicing images.”

Creating clickable areas

Hotspots are created from objects. You can assign an URL and alternative text to an object. You must also specify the shape for a hotspot; it can be a polygon that closely follows an object’s shape, a rectangle that matches an object’s highlighting box, or a circle that encloses an object.

If you want to create an image map using a photo, you can define an editable area where you want a hotspot to be, and then convert the editable area into an object.

Photo Paint web imagemap Creating image maps

The hotspot on the left button is rectangular, while the hotspot on the right button is circular. Clicking anywhere on the hotspot activates it.

Exporting image maps

When you export an image map, you must choose one of three different map types: client-side, server-side, or client/server-side. The client-side image map type is most common and is the default setting. The following files are generated automatically, depending on the image map type you choose:

an HTML page for client/server-side, client/server-side, and client-side image map types.
a separate map file containing the hotspot coordinates for client/server-side and server-side image map types. Client-side image maps do not require a separate map file because they contain the HTML map tags in the HTML page.

To create a clickable area for an image map

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Creating image maps
In the Objects docker, right-click an object’s thumbnail, and select Properties.
If the Objects docker is not open, click Window Photo Paint onestep Creating image maps Dockers Photo Paint onestep Creating image maps Objects.
In the Object properties dialog box, click the WWW URL tab.
Set the following properties for the object:
URL — specifies an address, or URL, for a Web page that opens when you click a hotspot. You must type http:// before the domain name in the Web address.
Comment — specifies the alternate text that displays in a browser when you point to an object
Define area as — specifies the shape for the object’s hotspot area
Click OK.

To export an image map

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Creating image maps
Click File Photo Paint onestep Creating image maps Export for Web.
If applicable, disable the Slices check box.
Choose a file format from the Save as type list box.
Type a filename in the Filename box.
Enable the Image map option.
Click Save.
In the next dialog box, specify the options associated with the selected file format, and click OK.
In the Save map file dialog box, choose one of the following map types from the Save as type list box:
Client-side (*.htm) — specifies that your image map does not depend on a server to process map information. This is the default and is the most common setting.
Client/Server-side NCSA — creates the files required for both client and NCSA server sides
Client/Server-side CERN — creates the files required for both client and CERN server sides
Server-side NCSA (*.map) — specifies that your server supports NCSA codes
Server-side CERN (*.map) — specifies that your server supports CERN codes
If you are saving a client-server or server-side image map, type a name for the map file in the Map name box.

You can also
Link any part of the image that does not have an assigned URL to a specific Web page
In the Save map file dialog box, enable the Default URL check box, and type a URL address in the Default URL box.
Include information about a file
Enable the Include file header information check box.

Photo Paint note Creating image maps

You must save your image to a Web-compatible file format, such as GIF or JPEG. For information about choosing a file format, see “Choosing a Web-compatible file format.”
Objects will merge with the background when you export the image map.

Photo Paint tip Creating image maps

You can also define hotspot areas for an image map using the Internet toolbar. Click Web Photo Paint onestep Creating image maps Internet objects to open the Internet toolbar.

Creating image maps