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Creating images with transparent backgrounds

GIF images with transparent backgrounds, such as buttons and logos, are commonly used on Web pages with colored or patterned backgrounds.

If you place an image with an opaque background onto a Web page, the image background color appears as a rectangle on the page. By making an image background transparent, the image background blends in with the page. Transparent image backgrounds also let you change the color or pattern of a Web page background without having to change the backgrounds of the images to match.

The background color must be a single, solid color that is not used elsewhere in the image. You can also make an editable area or a protected area transparent. For information about defining these areas, see “Working with masks.”

For information about the GIF file format, see “Choosing a Web-compatible file format.”

Photo Paint web transpgif Creating images with transparent backgrounds

You can create a GIF with a transparent background to use on a Web page.

You can also create transparent backgrounds on images in other file formats. For information, see “Cutting out images.”

To save an GIF image with a transparent background

Photo Paint btnbacktotop Creating images with transparent backgrounds
Click File Photo Paint onestep Creating images with transparent backgrounds Save as.
Type a filename in the Filename box.
Choose where you want to save the image.
Choose the GIF file format from the Save as type list box.
Click Save.
In the Convert to paletted dialog box, customize the color palette and settings.
For best results, choose None from the Dithering list box and Websafe from the Palette list box.
Click OK .
In the GIF export dialog box, enable one of the following options:
Image color — makes the color you click on the color palette transparent
Masked area — makes the protected area of your image transparent
If you want to make the editable area of an image transparent, click the Invert mask check box.

You can also
Sample a color from the image to make transparent
In the GIF export dialog box, click the Eyedropper tool Photo Paint pgx eyedropper tool Creating images with transparent backgrounds, and in the first preview window, click the background color.
Load the image into a Web browser as an interlaced GIF
Click the Interlace image check box.
Preview the transparent area of the image
Click Preview. The transparent background displays as a checkered area. Masked areas that are transparent display as a solid color.

Photo Paint note Creating images with transparent backgrounds

If you are saving an image that contains more than 256 colors, you must convert it to Paletted color mode to decrease the number of colors in the image. For more information, see “Changing the color mode of images.”

Creating images with transparent backgrounds